Buffalo  Spine Surgery specializes in varieties of back and spine surgery using state of the art techniques for pain relief

Research Projects

Implantation of PCM Cervical Discs. Sao Paolo, Brazil September 2004, January 2004, September 2003, June 2003, March 2003, December 2002

Use of RhBMP2 to induce posterolateral fusion. A clinical trial. (FDA approved IDE). Active investigator in ongoing study

Biomechanical and clinical research with implantation of PCM cervical disc replacement prosthesis in goats. Baltimore 8/02.

Anterior spinal decompression and stabilization using SB Charite Disc prosthesis (artificial disc). Active investigator in ongoing FDA approved IDE study.

Clinical trial of expandable Varilift cage as a stand-alone PLIF device. Active investigator in ongoing FDA approved IDE study

Study evaluation of the efficacy of endoscopic anterior spinal decompression/fusion/instrumentation versus open thoracotomy in the thoracic spine. In vivo sheep model 1994

The effect of spinal instability and spinal fixation on the mechanical and histological properties of spinal ligaments. An in vivo study. 1994

The role VSP spinal instrumentation on augmenting posterolateral fusion. An analysis of load sharing before and after hardware removal. 1994

The efficacy of osteogenic protein versus autologous fusion in the sheep thoracic spine. A comparative endoscopic study using the BAK device. 1994

Mechanical comparison of the ability of various cross-link systems to maintain pedical screw triangulation. 1994